Dull and clogged skin is everyone’s worst nightmare and with the kind of pollution levels we have here in our country, it only spells more trouble for our skin. Dust, smoke, exhaust, and humidity in the atmosphere create havoc on our skin and hair resulting in premature ageing, dryness, patchiness and dullness. Many studies show that pollutants have free radicals (a.k.a the bad little guys) which react with molecules in our skin that can cause premature cellular death and impact the DNA of the skin. The harmful UV rays only add to the misery and harm the skin more along with the pollutants.

This is DAUNTING. The idea of living in the countryside, in small cities with less pollution might seem ideal but totally impractical. So here are the top 5 ways to combat and save the packaging of our body from the pollutants out there.

  • Scrub Routinely
    Scrubbing helps your skin recover and heal from the ill effects of pollution. It exfoliates your skin from inside and removes all the pollutants from the pores on the skin. Don't scrub only your face, but also your whole body once a week to keep your skin fresh and healthy. Here’s the list of basic homemade scrubs you can use to save your bucks on expensive scrubs out there.

  • Eat a Balanced Diet
    Diet has an important role in protecting the skin from within. Eat food rich in Vitamin E, Vitamin C which reacts with free radicals to minimise their damage on the skin. You can get your daily value from rich foods like oranges, almonds, spinach or you can try using supplements to get the daily dosage of these vitamins.

  • Wash Face and Moisturise skin before going to bed
    No matter how tired you are, if you daily allow those germs and dirt from air to work on your skin at night, it will definitely deteriorate over a period with dryness and breakouts. So before you sleep wash your face and apply moisturiser on skin to do its job while you’re sleeping. It will keep your skin hydrated and save it from the assault of pollutants everyday.

  • Oil Bath
    Pollution takes out all the oils leaving behind dry, dark and dull skin. So taking an oil bath once a month helps in replenishing all the oils and prevents skin from dryness and dullness it might face.

  • Wear Proper Clothing
    Wrapping around a scarf or dupatta around your head and wearing a full sleeve t-shirt or jacket while going out will save you from the direct effects of pollution externally. The combination of eating a proper diet and wearing proper clothing will save you from most of the effects of pollution and will give you youthful and fresh skin from within.

Using these basic 5 steps, we can protect our skin from daily pollutants. Skin naturally loses moisture and loosens up but pollutants accelerate this process. Prevention is more useful than the cure here and taking little precautions can take us a long way.