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Skin is the largest organ in our body and it requires the utmost care to keep it indefinite structure and nourished from within. No matter how hard we try we always fall short of one thing or the other which keeps coming back and affects our skin. Using cosmetics and taking supplements is not only tedious but often proves too expensive than any other beauty care regime.

But what if I tell you, some natural ingredients in your kitchen cannot only save your costs but can also give better results in keeping your skin hydrated, moisturised and glowing? Yes, there are 6 such ingredients which you can use regularly without spending a penny and take good care of your skin.



This common wonder spice is good for the skin. Research has shown that turmeric has antimicrobial, antioxidant properties which are very effective against acne (fungal or bacterial) and dull skin. It has been used for centuries to even the skin tone and heals the wounds. Adding a pinch to your face mask will give you several benefits and the best part, its cheap.



Raw honey is a magical ingredient for the skin, especially for the face. Honey helps in unclogging of pores and providing moisture to the skin. It also has antibacterial and antioxidant properties that keep the skin health intact and maintains the youthful glow for longer duration which is also supported by research.



The combination of milk and milk cream works wonders on parched skin and provides much-needed hydration, oils and moisture to dull skin. It has anti-ageing effects and help in maintaining the tone of the skin. It clears up the pores removing all the unwanted particles and makes skin smooth and shiny reducing the redness and the itchiness on the skin. It is one of the natural wonders, to keep your skin in great shape and condition.

Tip: Add a pinch of Haldi in 30mL of milk and a teaspoon of milk cream. Stir it and add two tablespoons of wheat flour (atta) with a small teaspoon of honey to make your own homemade scrub. Scrub your skin daily in the morning and you’ll see results in a week.



Lemon is an excellent exfoliating agent that can remove all the dirt and pollutants accumulated on the surface of the skin because of its acidic nature. It can be used in natural scrub with a small amount of sugar to clear up your skin.



We all have seen and wondered why people use cucumber on eyes and skin. What exactly is the use and benefit of it? Cucumber is good for retaining summer glow. It helps in removing dark circles under the skin and clear out those puffy eyes we have because of its cooling properties. In short, it helps our skin keeping its calm under stressful conditions.



Olive oil is one of the top hydrating agents for the skin and being rich in Vitamin E gives it powerful antioxidant properties. It helps in premature ageing of skin and helps to get clear and glowing skin. While using milk and cream you can add 2 drops of olive oil to get top results and infuse a lot of glow in the skin.

Apart from these common ingredients, we have few like rose water, aloevera which also have been used for decades to clear out the skin and maintain its beauty. Try these ingredients at home and save your extra bucks for other expenses