This is a question all of us have pondered upon, in frustration or in pain. Why can't my skin remain smooth and soft? What am I doing wrong? For most of us, acne is a dreaded term and no matter what we do, we never quite get rid of it. Well, we're here to answer your questions. Read on to know some of the tips to keep your skin acne free and sans blemishes:

  • Use minimal or no makeup

  • Cosmetics play a major role when it comes to causing acne. You might get clogged pores from using makeup products which causes breakouts on the skin and bumps on your forehead, chin or cheeks which may take a few days to months to go away. This causes the appearance of blemishes or whiteheads and results in irritating the skin. However, not all cosmetics are bad, that's why you need to be careful when choosing which makeup you want to apply because it largely depends on your skin type. It may seem harmless but sharing brushes or applicators often pick up dead skin cells that get transferred upon sharing. This can lead to infection of the skin or skin irritation and sometimes even act as a medium for contagious diseases like common cold or conjunctivitis.

  • Beware of hair products

  • True story! Hair products can cause acne. Have you noticed how your forehead sometimes is bombarded with whiteheads or bumps (known as papules)? Your favourite hair product might well be the cause. The products that are meant for the hair sometimes leave traces on your forehead because when you apply them, they trickle down your hairline onto your forehead. Their residue could also be found on your pillow or caps or hair accessories. A good idea would be to cover your forehead while applying such products or cleaning your skin well and identifying which products might be harmful for your skin.

  • Clean your face regularly

  • Dermatologists often suggest washing the face first thing in the morning and the last thing at night. It helps clear your face of all residual dirt and prevents unnecessary pimple formation. The sunlight, harmful chemicals in the polluted air and even cosmetics and fragrances leave excess oil on your skin. Cleaning up your makeup before sleep must be your thumb rule if you wish to keep your skin acne free and radiant.

  • Eat healthy foods

  • Unfortunately, our favourite fried or gluten based foods will not prevent acne. In fact, eating green veggies not only helps your body remain fit but also keeps acne from attacking you. Walnuts and sunflower seeds are known to enhance your skin and make it spotless and smooth. Green tea, oh yes, it has yet another benefit and this time it's to keep your skin looking radiant and young. A good rule would be to eat vegetables of every colour, red and green bell peppers, legumes, tomatoes, avocados and broccoli are essential not only to a healthy diet but also to count as food for your skin. However, you need not frown after reading this, there's yet another food you can count upon to benefit your skin and please your mood… dark chocolate! Yes, the darker the chocolate, the more beneficial it is for your skin.

  • Drink water and sleep well

  • We know, it sounds like our mothers but they're never wrong, are they? Apart from eating a healthy diet, resting well also helps restore our skin to its naturally young state (no blemishes). There are endless benefits to drinking lots of water and replenishing your skin is merely one of them. Your dermat may ask you to sleep for 8 hours and with good reason, ample sleep is known to keep the skin and body young for a longer time, now who wouldn't want that?

  • Use sunscreen even during winter

  • We know it sounds absurd but it really is a well known hack! Applying sunscreen even in the winter season prevents your skin from having an acne attack. The common misconception is that during winter there is hardly any need to protect the skin from the harmful sun rays as it appears to be gentle and pleasant. It is therefore wise to use sunscreen, even if it doesn't seem obvious at first.

    If you still suffer from acne, or if it's too late to put in preventive measures there's always a solution available at your disposal. Natural remedies involving turmeric work best against pimples, they not only heal the skin but also revitalize it. However if it is an uncommon and uncontrollable infection that you're suffering from, it would be prudent to visit a dermatologist as soon as possible.