We all have, sometime or the other stressed about our skin before a meeting, date, social event or so. There might be a sudden breakout or sudden inflammation and we are left shell-shocked. We keep staring at the mirror worrying about the fact and sometimes things get even worse.

The stress causes the fight or flight response in the nervous system which prepares the body to either confront or evade the danger. Whatever our nervous system response is, our body might react in different ways from:

  • Increased inflammation
  • Decreased progesterone
  • Blood Sugar imbalance
  • Lost concentration
  • More breakouts
  • Inefficiency in work

You might or might not know this but the effects are the same, you’re still stressed out and because of this stress you affect your days and don’t even do what needs to be done. Trust me, it’s not only you, we all have been there.

While it would be amazing if we could get something like Genie’s wish so it could be solved by a mere request or the thought of it, the reality is much worse. So let’s take a closer look at what can be one of the best and simplest ways we could stop worrying about our skin and do what is necessary.

  • Close your eyes
Stop going back to the mirror again and again and close your eyes for a moment. Try to distract your mind so that it can be easy for you to calm it down.

  • Put down the mind to rest
Now, as you’re at either of the extremes of fight or flight it is essential for the mind to be at rest before taking any decisions as the hormones released in the body affect the way we look at things and hence the decision we make.

Try this 2-minute short meditation to calm your mind:
    1. Sit in a comfortable position with straight back, shoulders down, fallen hands and close your eyes
    2. Start taking a few breaths as you do during a lung check-up. Take a long breath in and release it slowly.
    3. Now, take the breath through the nostrils for 4 seconds and then hold your breath for 4 seconds.
    4. Then, exhale through the nose for 4 seconds and again hold your breath for 4 seconds.
    5. Repeat the same for 2 more times and try to focus on the breath during the process.
    6. After this, imagine someone you love (person or a pet) giving you a warm hug and you telling them how much you love them. Do it for as long as you feel like doing so and start feeling good.
    7. And when you’re ready you can slowly open your eyes and be back to normal position.

Slowing down your breath, slows down your brain and sends a signal to the brain that everything’s going to be alright and thinking about someone you love helps you in being happy and distracts your mind.

  • Clear it out!
Now that the mind is calm and you feel a little better focus on what you feel at the moment. Either jot it down or record it, whatever you like but focus on everything, your anger, fear, insecurities.
After this, focus on the possible solutions to your worries and insecurities and what you can do about it. All the positive things you can do for your body which can make you feel good about it. Whether it be your skincare routine or a walk with your friend in the park or a healthy smoothie or some more relaxation.

  • Go for it!
Now, get up and do what makes you feel good and what you can do for your body. If you still feel stressed, try meditation one more time (maybe for a longer time) and then go for it.

    This is one of the most simple things you can do to stop stressing about your skin or in general any problem. You’ll be amazed at how quickly it can distract your mind from the problem to all the possible solutions and how simple it might seem. When you’re dealing with stress this is an essential technique to prevent the stress from manifesting into larger issues (and more acne). Your skin just gives you signs to stop and look back at what’s wrong with the mind and body. Take a moment to reflect back and solve the issue first hand.