You peek in the mirror thinking about all the positives- complexion, dress, glowing skin, just in time for your party, date, wedding- and whack!!! A red head peeking out from your skin.. you reach out to touch it, to make it go as soon as possible but fear on its ugly side. This is the moment everyone dreads.
The first thing that comes to our mind is, “How do I make it go as soon as possible?” Some people use hot water while many also put ice on sores and injuries. Which one would work best? We all don’t know that what we all want is to get that pimple away. Let’s take closer to decide which one might work for us.

When to Use Hot?

The heat helps in opening up pores. We all know popping a pimple is not a good option but even after knowing this, we cannot resist when it shows up. So if we’re going to pop it use these steps for a smooth popping up.

  • Apply heat before popping it up so that it softens it up and it can come out with minimal squeezing. A towel soaked in hot water should do.
  • Don’t use fingernails to pop it up. Instead, use a towel or tissue to squeeze it from both sides.

Use it when it’s deep and painful and you’re not planning to go to any party that day. It also helps in so often the pimple and brings its head quickly.

When to Use Cold?

Cold has anti-inflammatory properties and that’s why it is used during inflammation in muscles. An inflamed pimple often looks red, swollen and sore. Ice reduces the blood flow hence the redness and swelling. It also helps in reducing pain by numbing the area.
Don’t use cold for more than a couple of minutes and don’t put on ice directly. Use a washcloth to cover and then apply it.
Use cold when the pimple is new, painful or red and swollen. You can also use it after heat to lessen the pain and minimise the damage.