You know Winter is coming when your skin begins to tighten all over the face and your lips begin to peel off. The breezy cold wind, less moisture and low temperature begin to dry out the skin and can cause itchiness, redness or irritation on the skin. This calls for extra measures to prepare your skin for the change in weather conditions. Don't panic, let us help you deal with the changes in your skincare routine and prevent unnecessary damage. Here are the 7 basic steps you can do to protect your skin and maintain it’s glow:

1) Stay hydrated
The first step to prepare yourself for the winter is to make sure your body's water level doesn't drop. A decline in the water level causes tightening of the skin and rough hands. You need to increase water consumption in order to compensate for the dehydration that your body faces due to colder temperatures.

2) Use a cleanser
A cleanser is essential to the skincare routine when you regularly use makeup products or go out often in polluted air. During winter, go for a cream based cleanser since that helps with hydrating the skin against the cold. You can even try aloe vera or cactus based cleansers which possess the moisturizing properties of aloe vera.

3) Wear sunscreen
This one might seem counterintuitive. Although we crave the sun and love to bask in its warmth, it is equally necessary to apply sunscreen every few hours if you're going out in the sun. Use at least SPF 15 or higher that sets in within 30 minutes so make sure you reapply if you plan to go out again.

4) Exfoliate
Even when your skin naturally tightens and feels as if it's about to peel off of your face, it is important to exfoliate your skin no more than twice a week. Scrubbing helps in removing the dead skin cells and keeps the skin glowing like in the summer.

5) Do not take hot baths
However tempted you might be, stop yourself from jumping into hot water as it would be harmful to your skin later. Extremely hot water can quickly take up all your natural oils and leave your skin rough and dry. Try using lukewarm water instead and moisturizing yourself immediately after taking a shower as the water helps the lotion seep into the skin better. Also, don't face any heating device directly as that robs the skin of its oils and causes quick dehydration.

6) Moisturize!
We cannot emphasize enough on this point! It is imperative during winter to use moisturizer for your body to retain it's natural oils and keep it hydrated. You can experiment with lactic acid or mineral oil based lotions that would help maintain the nutrition of your skin. Avoid new products if your skin is oily or you experience skin irritation. Keep a moisturizer with you at all times, and frequently apply it to your hands and heels as well.

7) Cover your skin
The best way to prevent your skin from harm is to wear the winter essentials at all times. Use gloves and socks often as they prevent the skin of hands and heels from breaking out. Also, stock up on scarves and caps that keep your face warm and protect it from smog or other pollutants. This helps in preventing excess dehydration as well as retain the natural oils of the body.

These are some of the major tips and tricks to keep nourished and full of radiance. The products we've mentioned would help in preventing damaged skin during the winter season. However, do visit a dermatologist for specific recommendations if you're experiencing an infection or breakout.